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NC Concealed Carry Certification

NC Concealed Carry Handgun training is required by the State of North Carolina to obtain a permit to carry a concealed carry handgun. This course is comprised of eight hours of classroom training as well as a written test and range qualification. Handgun rental is available. For details and to book a session, visit

    • Handgun Nomenclature
    • Handgun Safety 
    • Marksmanship Fundamentals
    • Safety Issues
    • Presentation Techniques 
    • Cleaning and Maintenance 
    • Ammunition 
    • Proficiency Drills
Private One-on-one Handgun Training
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Concealed Carry Handgun Training
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Handgun Cleaning

Handgun Cleaning includes:

  • disassembly
  • cleaning
  • Lubrication
  • Function Check
Handgun Cleaning

Intro to Handgun

(Minimum size for groups by special request)

Intro to Handgun (Revolvers and Semiautomatics) includes Safety, Types of Handguns, Handgun Nomenclature, Loading, and Unloading, Storage, Fundamentals or Marksmanship, Cleaning, and Maintenance, Best Caliber of Handgun for YOU, and Ammunition. Handgun rental and ammunition is included as part of the course. It is recommended that you bring your own handgun if you own one. North Carolina is an open carry state so be sure to follow the laws North Carolina when traveling with your handgun.

Intro to Handguns Training
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