Women's North Carolina Concealed Carry


Our mission is to eliminate the fear of firearms in women allowing them the confidence to protect themselves and their families.


  • Small Learning Environment

GIRLZ on F.I.R.E. offers a small intimate setting for women. Our maximum class size consists of eight students. This allows more hands-on one-on-one interaction for learning the laws and fundamentals of marksmanship. Grip, sight alignment, stance, and trigger control are taught in each  session.

  • Comprehensive and Interactive

Our courses are interactive and use a variety of re-forced learning techniques. To ensure that you have complete knowledge of handgun safety we provide training on the safe use of gun handling and the law governing justified self-defense.


Services offered include North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun Certification Training, Intro to Handguns (by request for small groups), and Handgun Cleaning to the residents of Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point, and the surrounding areas.

Formed as a limited liability corporation, is a new company operating in the Firearms Training Industry. GIRLZ on F.I.R.E., L.L.C. operates primarily as a service provider.


I so enjoyed this class, best training ever. I am prior military and this training superceded all my previous qualifications trainings! Rhonda and Margie, both of you are excellent instructors, very personable, upfront and knowledgeable!!! Highly recommend this class!!!πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ˜

– P. Petree

Highly recommend this!!! It was fun and informative. The group was small enough to give each attendee personal attention, so it’s perfect for a newby. It was very confidence building, and I got to spend the day with other sassy ladies.

– K. Russell

I so enjoyed taking this course. Rhonda and Margie are the best! My first time EVER handling a firearm, but they really made me feel reassured in their training. This class is a must for all women, but especially beginners. These Girlz are on Fire! Get on board ladies and sign up today!

– J. Arrington


Rhonda L. Carson is the owner of GIRLZ on F.I.R.E. Rhonda is an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor and NC Concealed Carry Handgun Instructor. Read more about the owner's story here.

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Intro to Handgun

Intro to Handgun (Revolvers and Semiautomatics) includes Safety, Types of Handguns, Handgun Nomenclature, Loading, and Unloading, Storage, Fundamentals or Marksmanship, Cleaning, and Maintenance, Best Caliber of Handgun for YOU, and Ammunition. Handgun rental and ammunition are available but it is recommended that you bring your own handgun if you own one.

NC Concealed Carry Handgun Certification


NC Concealed Carry Handgun training is required by the State of North Carolina to obtain a permit to carry a concealed carry handgun. This course is comprised of eight hours of classroom training as well as a written test and on-range qualification. Handgun rental is available. 

Handgun Cleaning

Handgun Cleaning includes disassembly and complete and thorough cleaning of all components. Next, we lubricate your firearms inside and out and do a function check to ensure the firearm functions exactly like it is supposed to.