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GIRLZ on F.I.R.E. L.L.C. NC Concealed Carry Handgun Training

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155 Northpoint Avenue


High Point, NC 27262


(336) 971-1741

Firearm Safety Training

GIRLZ on F.I.R.E. specializes in helping women eliminate their fear of firearms by teaching safety, fundamentals of marksmanship and laws relevant to the State of North Carolina. Both classroom instruction and on range training provides you with the peace of mind required to protect you and your family, leaving you Empowered, Armed, and Aware.

Concealed Carry License Safety



Every course begins with the Rules of #FirearmSafetyTraining!

Concealed Carry License Laws



To stay updated on the latest Firearm laws and legislature in NC, visit the NC Dept. of Justice.


Concealed Carry License Qualification


Wesmar Shooting Range

GIRLZ on F.I.R.E. partners with Wesmar Shooting Range for NC Concealed Carry Qualification and Private Training.


Wesmar Shooting Range is is owned by the Hedgecock family and is located in High Point, NC, 5 miles from our office.


Concealed Carry Girlz

Katina, Kathy, Cynthia, Carolyn

Lisa C | Mocksville, NC


Dear Rhonda I would like to thank you so very much for yesterday.

I really appreciate the time you spent teaching me and helping me.

I really enjoyed the class and am excited to keep moving forward in

honing the skills you taught me so I can better protect myself and family.



5 Stars
5 Stars

Derrick B | Winston-Salem, NC


I had a great experience with Rhonda she has alot of knowledge on the complete field of guns,along with the safety on handling a gun,conceal and carry.She was wonderful with the inexperienced of guns explained the Law in every day terms where anybody can understand.



Kathy G | Winston-Salem, NC


I think, no make that I KNOW that everyone that takes Rhonda L. Carson's class comes away with great knowledge of firearms and how to use the.


5 Stars
5 Stars

Tina P | Winston-Salem, NC


I took the class with Rhonda she is very professional and knows her guns. She is very knowledgeable about the laws of concealed carry I would recommend her to all my family and friends


Bree S | Winston-Salem, NC


This was a wonderful experience! I had never shot before in my life. Rhonda was patient with me and answered my questions without making me feel out of place. She gave us the laws and told us how to keep current with the laws.

I high recommend her classes!

5 Stars

Lisa S. | Winston-Salem, NC


This was the first time I ever fire a hand gun. And when I finished this class I was so excited that I wanted to get other females to try it. I would recommend that everyone try this class with a amazing teacher Rhonda. So much to learn




5 Stars

Cynthia F. | Winston-Salem, NC


Rhonda L. Carson is an EXCELLENT instructor/teacher with firearms and once you complete her class for concealed weapon you'll leave assured and comfortable with carrying. Check her out on her page at GIRLZ on FIRE, LLC. Don't let the name fool ya LOL.


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